About Columbus Next Generation

Building vibrant and productive communities

• Columbus Next Generation Corporation (CNGC) was formed with the purpose of identifying underutilized property in core neighborhoods that have the potential to thrive and become appealing to commercial developers with the ultimate goal of creating a productive tax-revenue generating development.

• CNGC will accomplish this by identifying underutilized land and properties and securing control, creating a master plan for properties/land, completing feasibility studies, and soliciting local community input and support. These projects will be positioned for sale to developers nationally to complete the development and building process.

• CNGC is funded annually by the City of Columbus in accordance with goals and objectives set by the Mayor, Executive Director and Board.

• Critical to the success of this new venture will be the creation of a strategic plan to establish the groundwork of and provide direction for CNGC and to secure input and agreement from key constituents.


CNGC will catalyze opportunities that will ultimately transform communities into vibrant and productive places desired by both residents and businesses. Columbus Next Generation Corporation is reestablishing the history of thriving business enterprise and supportive community partners along Parsons Avenue, the Near East Side, Linden, and in Franklinton.